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Evdokia Zakharova was born in 1987, in a small village of Verhnevillouysk, in Yakoutia, Russia. You have to stick together in this remote region, where it makes minus 55 in winter. « Every day it took me one hour and a half to go to school. And one hour and a half to come back».
She is the eldest of the family of four. « Everything in my life is connected to the family.  And everything in our house is handmade: the cloths, the toys, the useful objects and decoration. We are warmed up by this human heat that is in every object that is around us ».
Not being afraid of any adventure, she leaves her home village, going to Japan, after 2 years of language studies, and then she flies off to Moscow. She discoveres that all she wants is to create, the ideas are rushing to be let out of her head. « I am free of any obligation. I feel that the wings have started to grow ».

Currenly lives and works in Ecquator.